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    IGN: __Purity

    How Old are you:12.

    Timezone:Eastern Standard Time.

    Are you multilingual, If so what languages do you speak: English, French, small German.

    Do you have a working Microphone: Yes.

    How many hours can you be on a day from 2 Hours to 9 Hours: 5 Hours, Exceptions are Thursdays and Sundays

    Do you have any other staff experience: Nope.

    Have you ever been punished in SwirlPVP: Nope.

    Did you ever buy something from our online shop: Technically, but I was given the rank.

    Discord is not optional, what is your discord: not jaytee#4005

    Why do you want to be staff on SwirlPVP: Because I want staff expeirence and feel I can be a good helper.

    Anything else you would like to say: You allready know im friends with you and me and chris have known each other for 6 years. He can trust me and so can you.


    [DEV] maxhao2006

    Unfortunately does not meet our standers. Therefore your application was declined. If you have any questions or concerns contact our staff team.

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